What We Do

ReadBAMARead works to achieve its purpose through different initiatives such as the ReadBAMARead Express and the Alabama Gymnastics Contests.

ReadBAMARead Express

Since its creation in 2016, the purpose of this program is to show young students that reading is not only important, but it can also be fun. Adding the element of a head coach, athletes, and Big Al, UA official mascot, to share meaningful stories with young students, reinforces our goal of making reading fun. Providing each student with a book of their very own, to take home and share with their families, helps to bring the importance of reading into each student’s home. Students are excited to make the pledge to Big Al to read their books 5 times to a family member, which helps to further motivate these students to read, beyond the classroom. Asking family members to sign their bookmark for a free McAllister’s cookie, allows for further family bonding time.

This program impacts students and their families, teachers and librarians from elementary schools.

Alabama Gymnastics Contest

From 2016 to 2019, Elementary and Middle School faculty, staff, students, and families register at a RBR sign in table prior to the start of Alabama gymnastics meets. Then the school with the most representation wins $1,000 for their school library. We usually do two contests per season. In the past, we have had matching sponsors and would like to continue to do so.

Alabama Gymnastics Contests

To date a total of $8,000 has been donated to school libraries and more than 6,000 students have benefited from it. Schools helped were:

  • American Christian Academy (preK-8th grade)
  • Verner ES (won at least 2 times)
  • RQES
  • Holt ES
  • Taylorville Primary School
  • Northport ES
  • Holy Spirit.

To know more about our work through the years see our annual report here [link to annual report]

A Cause Worth Supporting

Our goal is to replace more than 280,000 school library books that were destroyed by the tornado. Your donation of $15 for the purchase of one book will help change the life of a child, and the donation of $300 for the purchase of 20 books can change the lives of a classroom of young minds. Donations of $300 or more will be identified on our website with company logo or family name in appreciation!  Thank you all for your generosity and ReadBAMARead!

Please email your PayPal donation receipt to Donna@ReadBAMARead.org to be included on our donation partner page with donations over $300. We will contact you for your logo or family name for addition to our Partner page.

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